Sunday, 7 December 2014


For my logo design, I looked into a selection of designs that could represent the word 'remix' visually and also get an insight into the way the type could be arranged.


After gaining some influence I decided to create some thumbnails by hand of some of the potential designs I could do.

From the designs there were a selection of outcomes that I liked and decided to experiment these further digitally.


1. One of my initial ideas was to create the logo with the idea of manipulating the type to look like mixing switches on a deck. 

After some developments I felt that this concept didn't really fit in with the idea behind the exhibition and also it would be quite complicated to re-create some of these designs on a multitude of materials and platforms.

2. The next idea I had was to manipulate the type to look distorted like how something is when it is remixed. A hands of sort of cut and paste style.

Again in regards to applying this logo to a multitude of designs and materials it could be hard for legibility. Specifically if I wanted to use vinyl.

3. The final Idea I had was to create a break between the re and mix so that other words could be implemented into the design. e.g re:mix, re:use re:make to reinforce the idea of everything being copied.


I experimented with a multitude of san serif typefaces as this typeface was most appropriate for the tone of voice for the exhibition and also would be the best for legibility for a multitude of platforms. 


Out of all the design I created I asked some peers for some feedback on what ones they felt were the best, which are displayed below from the above options.

  • Represents a modern style
  • Fun and interesting
  • Would look great with images
  • Could be refined slightly for legibility
  • Distorted style works with the name

  • Clean and readable
  • Good alignment
  • Bold but not overbearing
  • Easy to recreate
  • Simple but effective
  • Could look interesting with colour

From all of the designs I chose to move forwards with the second design due to the feedback I received and also the design is legible, modern and adaptable.

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