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To start my design I created a few mock up sketches of how the exhibition could be laid out and the potential items within the spaces. From my research and considering the resources in university and also time scale I would like to incorporate the following.

< drawing images>

I then further developed this digitally using a mock up.

< drawing images>

Frames / Artwork

For the artwork I wanted to use a range of frames that could possibly hold 10 - 20 artwork pieces, I decided to visit wood work and see how much it would cost to get these frames made and how long it would take. The frames would take up to 3 - 7 days to complete based on the size and how many and I would have to buy the glass separately and get it cut which is £6 a sheet. This seemed to be out of my price range and would be to expensive for my concept so I would have to reconsider the design. However after speaking to Nigel I was informed that Terry would have some that I could use which I enquired about and arranged to get after christmas!  *sigh of relief*

Lyrics: 6 x A3 frames
Sound: 3 x A1 / A2 frames
Style: 3 x A1 / A2 frames

Music Boxes

For the sound part of my exhibition I wanted to have boxes that would be in front of the artwork and have the headphones feeding through so people could listen to the comparison of the songs that were sampled whilst looking at the comparative artwork of the artists.

Hangers — I also devised to have hooks for the headphones to hang onto next to the artwork which I measured and scaled. 

Headphones — For the headphones I spoke to James from computer resources who said I could borrow 3 sets or request them to be ordered in for the exhibition.

Music Device — For the music devices in which the music will be played off  

Lyrics: 0
Sound: 3 x Boxes, Headphones, Hangers + Music Devices.
Style: 0


I will produced 10 — 20 copies of a exhibition programme including details on the event and artwork inside.

Programme Hanger

For the programmes I wanted to create a hanger for them to hand onto and for the audience to pick up when entering the exhibition.

Ballot Box

To gather research from my exhibition I wanted a box in which I can receive feedback on the effectiveness of the exhibition. Luckily I was able to borrow one from a previous exhibition so this is something confirmed.

Title Installation / Signage

I want to include 3D wooden type of the logo for signage for the exhibition to identify were it is and also vinyl cut signage and quotes.

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