Friday, 7 November 2014


From my research throughout the summer up until now I think that hosting an Exhibition would be really difficult. In visiting and speaking to people there would be a lot of things that I would need to consider and have discovered.

  • The majority of the venue spaces were out of my price range.
  • The spaces were not in the right location or fit the aesthetic.
  • The travel costs for the guests and my artwork would also be an issue.
  • The dates in which these spaces are available do not concide with the university schedule.

With these problems established I can now focus on other locations for my Exhibtion and move forward with planning. Due to being based in Leeds and having the majority of my connections here I will now focus on what is available to me here.

With this in mind I have contacted the Exhibition officers at LCA who have been really helpful in helping me find some spaces that I could consider for this project.

Terry Jones

I contacted Terry who is in charge of the Exhibtions that are held at Leeds college of art, and spoke about possibly renting the space within uni.

Emails —

After speaking to Terry I could possibly book the mosaic cafe to host my exhibition, this will allow me to extend the length of my exhibition and it will also be easy for me to present my work and invite guests as most of the creatives are within the building.

Tom Hammond

I then contacted Tom Hammond who also knows of spaces in Leeds and is a part of the marketing team, I spoke to him on the phone were we discussed potential spaces for the event to take place which are listed below.

  • Brudenell Social
  • Enjoy Gallery
  • Wharf Thames

With these places established I will now research further into them to get an idea if they would be useful for my exhibition.

I think by making the decision to base my exhibition in Leeds would be so much easier for me to create something really good, also in regards to budget and guests is another thing I had to consider which again I believe would be more suitable for this project. The shift in topic for my dissertation also wouldn't be relevant if it was based in manchester because I am no longer writing about the manchester music scene.

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