Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Today I had my first tutorial with Richard discussing my progress on my project. For the meeting I brought along my initial ideas, questions, topic, theorists and essay structure below are some notes that I took during the session.


What influence does branding have on defining subcultures?

Essay Structure

Introduction introduce topics and theorists I will be focusing on.
Music in print analysing cd’s, album art and iconic promotional material.
Music online iTunes, music videos, websites
Music and fashion merchandise, appearance, styles
Conclusion summarising my findings

Theories / Reading List

Subculture the meaning of style — Dick Hebdige
Questions of cultural identity — Stuart Hall / Simon Frith
Music and manipulation on the social uses and social control of music — Brown & Volgsten
Studying popular music culture — Tim Wall
Sounds like branding using the power of music to turn customers into fans —Jakob Luensky
Your playlist will change your life — Galina Mindlin, Don Durousseau, Joseph Cardillo 

  • Look at a particular subculture?
  • Consider having a chapter that deals with youth subculture, thoughts and feelings within subcultures theoretically
  • Nike - Naomi Klien - No logo
  • Critical analysis of how to design for subcultures
  • Case study on a particular piece / subject

Half way through the session my thoughts on the dissertation focus had changed slightly and we came up with an alternative to also reflect upon, again the notes from this are listed below and also the revised version of my essay structure and question.


How does the music industry manufacture a desire for popular music?

Essay Structure!

Introduction (500 words)

Culture industry Theodor Adorno (1,500 words)
Popular music J.Storey ‘Culture theory + Popular culture’ with a focus on Adorno essay ‘Popular music – music industry’ (2000 words)
1. Case Study (1000 words)
2. Case Study (1000 words)
3. Case Study (1000 words)
Conclusion (1000 words)

Theories / Reading List
The Culture Industry — Adorno
Culture Theory + Poupular Culture — J.Storey 

  • Culture theory and popular culture
  • A chapter discussing Theodore's essay
  • Case studies relevant up to date to keep the essay contemporary e.g X factor, pop bands like 1D
  • An example to focus your study
  • Visual and marketing strategies


In regards to my practical piece the discussion of an exhibition was still the right idea for the brief. For the artwork Richard mentioned that I could look at manipulating and re-working existing designs of musicians branding e.g the spice girls to more realistic representations.


After the session I felt that I had found out exactly what I wanted to do in order to progress at this stage. I decided to set up a to do list of things I have to achieve before my next tutorial with Richard.

To Do

  • Look at the following books — The Culture Industry - Adorno, Culture Theory + Popular Culture -J.Storey
  • Draft of 2 chapters by 17th of November
  • Start looking and booking an exhibition space.

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