Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Today I visited the Manchester crafts and design centre, which is situated in the northern quarter. The location is perfect for a creative event as the northern quarter is surrounded by a lot of galleries, art and design shops.

The space available for hire is Space 2, which is situated in the centre, amongst independent designers and crafters. In my initial research I felt this space would be a great setting for the type of exhibition I wanted to propose as it has a host of other creatives and graphic designers showcasing their work, which would fit into the context of my research project as I am looking at music and visual culture.

I contacted Kaylee Jenkinson who is in charge of bookings for the space, she showed me around as I took pictures and we discussed the possibilities and limitations of what can be done. She expressed that the space is generally used for creative classes and workshops more so than exhibitions, however there was one that was on during my visit. 

The space is quite flexible in regards to how it can be changed, there are opportunities to add fake walls, paint, hang art work and add other display features as long as it is restored back to normal after the exhibition. 

(behind the exhibition wall is a sink and kitchen area
 that can be covered as displayed in the pictures above.)

Space Information

In addiction to the visit Kaylee gave me some leaflets about the space, hiring information and her direct contact details if I had any further enquiries for my project. Below are some imperative details which I need to consider.

Our new room for hire, space2, is available to hire for meetings, seminars, workshops and other projects. Situated on the ground floor, overlooking our exhibition space and in close proximity to Oak St. Café Bar, it’s the ideal space to stimulate discussion, promote creativity and focus the mind!
Surrounded by our 30 industrious resident designer makers, space2 is your new favourite spot for business meetings, inspiring awaydays, and creative workshops. The Centre is situated in a quiet square in the heart of Manchester’s bustling, creative quarter. It’s just 5 minutes’ walk from Piccadilly Gardens, and easily accessible from all major transport routes, including Victoria and Piccadilly stations and Shudehill Interchange.
Suggested capacities:Theatre style 30
Boardroom layout 20
Workshops 10-15
Equipment:6 x folding tables 1830 x 760mm
2 x folding tables 1220 x 600mm
16 x folding chairs
1 x whiteboard/flipchart
Larder fridge
Sink / kitchen facilities
Monday - Friday
10-5pm £100
10-1pm / 2-5pm £50
10-5pm £120
10-1pm / 2-5pm £60
11-5pm £100
After my visit at the MCDC I felt that the space had a lot of potential, however in regards to the size of the space I felt it wasn't going to be big enough for my proposed ideas. Due to my exhibition being associated with music there were talks about me potentially having artists or a DJ at the venue but Kaylee expressed due to licensing this may not be possible. With this in mind I will continue to look at other spaces available as I think this an important part of my exhibition that I was to showcase. Compared to my talks with the Artzu gallery I feel that the pricing for hiring this space is much more reasonable and within my budget which is another factor I will consider if I do decide to choose this space. I also felt I gained a lot on insight into how I can present my exhibition in regards to adding display features such as fake walls and partitions, this is something I will continue to research into primarily.

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