Thursday, 20 February 2014


I decided to look further in the promotional side and social media side of the Parklife festival to see who was responsible and how they went about it. A important way for a branded image to be successful is how it is portrayed to it's audience so they can identify with a brand and buy into it.


The PR company behind the Parklife weekender are, who also cover festivals such as Unknown, Hideout and Canal mills. The company was established in 2012 and relatively new but have a strong clientele who specialise in culture, entertainment and lifestyle.


The sponsors behind the Parklife weekender are, who also sponsor V festival, Isle of wight festival, The warehouse project and Ibiza rocks. They work with some of the largest and most loved festivals, international artists and leading UK promoters to find and manage like-minded brand partnerships.

Social Media:

This year the festival exploded with world famous music artists and over 50,000 people in each day. The festival used social media effectively to generate not just ticket sales, but the overall buzz leading up towards the festival and after. Although these companies play a big part in the event, they also promote through social networking sites and videos to keep their consumers informed and excited.

previous 2013 promotions

These are some cover photo's from facebook that are regularly updated. The use of photography creates a sense of nostalgia for the festival goers as the can remember the event or see what to expect. Also I really like the use of hand rendered type as it's informal and looks as if it's a personal message from the parklife co-ordinators. 


The Instagram page also updates it's users through pictures on the event and other music events linked to the brand. The instagram has over 4000 followers and encourages users to join in with picture posting with it's #parklife tag.

The twitter for Parklife uses a more realistic shots on their page to give the audience a sense of what the festival is like and the atmosphere. The twitter page constantly sends it's followers updates throughout messages and pictures to keep them informed on the event.

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