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To start off the research for the project myself and Rinesh thought the best way to know what the target audience wanted from Asos regarding app features and future trends, was to ask them directly.

We created some business cards, a tumblr blog and letter heads to give out to people in Leeds city centre and the university campuses. We called our project 'Asos Mode' as a working title so that our work would come across as professional and apart of the brand.


Age 21: Current trends, Key styles, 5 ways to wear a key item in your wardrobe, wide leg pants, type in a certain product that you like and to find a selection of places to buy it, I prefer digitally based things, dress codes for events, personalized, more clarity to the app.

Age 29: Upcoming designers, ones to watch out for, trend predictions, cool accessories, stylist or personal stylist, what not to wear or style warnings, fashion scope polls.

Age 23: I like print and web media, easy to navigate and to view your personal account. Recommended links and events, holidays, festivals, not massively interested in body shape chosen clothes. Mix and match outfit choices, scan in clothes - fit outfits with things you already have in your wardrobe.

Age 20: Customer goes on app and website, sign up, questionnaire on what you like and then Asos can gather the clothes / styles for you, summer and spring trends, pick images, Asos can see what you like and offer clothing you would like on your account, A tailer made / personal shopping experience.

Age 20: Liked the idea of events and outfits combined to work with a night out.

Age 24-26: Lifestyle, knitwear, country style and chords

Age 27: interesting idea

Age 22: Elaborate style tips, trend based categories, linking fashion with events like a date, lunch with family, night out with friends, interactive, styles you like, body and shape directed shows clothes that will not show what your conscious about.

Age 20: Celebrities have worn, whats on the  catwalk and asos’s equivalent

Age 20: Personalised to what you like, camo patterns, subtle colours.

Age 20: Latest trends, mood boards / look books on styles and outfits, PVC, organised what you wear, body shapes, hour glass ect. Clothes accessories, In my opinion street style will be around forever, don’t read any magazines.

Age 20: Combine all apps together to make it more user friendly 

Age 21: Likes next day delivery, suggestion e.g. similar outfits, events, personal approach, body type, sweet deal, celebrity styles, more simple items, river island, blazers

Age 23: Accessories, lacking male accessories, relates to fashion blogs, people, uploading looks, location based, gym gear, fitness, flourscent colours

Age 19: Creating an outfits for you, genre’s of clothing for certain types of people

Age 21: Offers, endorsements with insentives, folk / country wear.

Age 22: Combining, blog, user friendly


After collecting all our information and posts from the blog I decided to analyse the findings and find the main points that I thought would be useful.

What would you like form a new Asos app?

  • A personal / tailor made shopping experience that is relevant to what you need. This could possibly include a questionnaire to see what the user wants.
  • Combine all the apps together and make it more simple.
  • Categorising clothes by body shape and trends / genre styles.
  • Offers and deals on clothes that notify you on the phone.
  • A more directed approach to males and their needs. 
  • Mood boards on different trends and styles for people to look at, and celebrity styles to Asos alternatives.
What do you predict are the new trends?
  • Folk wear, florals and knitwear.
  • Bright florescent colours, gym wear and lycra
  • Wide leg pants
I found by doing this primary research it was very beneficial in the development of finding what our target audience wanted directly. However I felt the results were already things that Asos had covered or other competitive stores. One consumer stated that they don't really know what they want until they get it which I found was a good point. On the other hand I do feel like we found out a lot of good point to move forward with and to build a concept around.

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