Monday, 27 January 2014


For the Oasis brief I wanted to propose how the messages could be displayed in store weather it be through vinyl stickers, installations or crafted from materials. I decided to research into a multitude if outcomes to gain some influence on this.

Installations: The images below show a range of materials that can be used to display typography, from lights to metal and wood. Although this is not what the brief wants me to physically create I could interpret how these can be used in future production.

Crafted: These are a collection of hand crafted typography experimenting with fabrics and even plant life. This is also another way that the type can be displayed creatively in store and will be a consideration in the development of my work.

(actual store image)

Hand drawn / Vinyl stickers: I looked at a selection of images that work with vinyl stickers and hand draw type to see how they are applied within a shop. This is something most commonly found in stores and I think would be most appropriate for the brief.

(actual store image)

Looking at these multitude of way finding design has enabled me to push my idea outside of the box. I will propose different ways in which this work can be displayed in store to entice customers.

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