Tuesday, 7 January 2014


To start my research I decided to look into the Oasis brand and what is was all about. Although the brief gave a little description about the company, I thought it would be beneficial to look at what there ethos is and brand values.

I looked at their about page on there website to get an insight on what the company was like.

The brands tone of voice is very chatty, playful and girly which can be seen through their about page and the design of it. They use a lot of pink and light pastel feminine colours to speak to it's audience.

The aesthetics of the brand generally use florals and bold prints on their blog, store and clothing.

The aesthetic emphasises it's girly nature which is highlighted in the brands style.

Oasis have a multitude of social networks such as pinterest, twitter, Facebook and so on. This indicates that they have a audience that are very socialble and technology savvy. As described in the brief the target audience for Oasis are women from 20-30 who "is girly and fun with a passion for fashion and style." which is reinforced through the clothes they sell and their tone of voice.

With this in mind I felt in order for me to get a better idea of the company was to visit it and look at the clothes and visual displays for further development.

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