Thursday, 21 November 2013


Newspapers are printed in a variety of sizes, with the most common sizes being Broadsheet + Tabloid.

Broadsheet Size
Dimensions: 750 x 600 mm (29.5" x 23.5")


The term broadsheet derives from single sheets of political satire and ballads sold on the streets, which became popular after the British placed a tax on newspapers by the number of pages in 1712.

The broadsheet size for newspapers is becoming less popular and many titles are switching from broadsheet to tabloid.

Tabloid Size
Dimensions: 430 x 280 mm (16.9" x 11.0")


The tabloid size is often referred to as being 'half the size of a broadsheet' however this is not strictly true as broadsheet is 750 x 600 mm (29.5" x 23.5")

Tabloid size is actually not very different from A3 and thus a transition to printing tabloids on an A2 sheet (remember that newspaper sizes are the size of the folded pages) would be sensible in the longer term.

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