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Commercial printers
Sending art work through to printers
Lithography print - aluminium plates
CTP - computer plate system

Run paper sizes from SRA2 to B3 
Don't print anything less than 70 grams.
Paper weights from 70 - 450 grams


When using uncoated stocks the ink hits the paper it spreads to lower the quality of the image, looks organic.

Their presses run 15,000 sheets an hour.

The difference between lithography and digital print.


  • Better quality
  • Expensive
  • Vegetable based inks
  • Can use spot colour effectively
  • Charged on make readies - colours, levelling of ink ready for print.
  • Charged on plates
  • £60 - £100
  • SRA3 is the maximum size that can be used
  • Limited
  • Inks are powder based and just sit on the paper
  • Uses full colour
  • Costed out on a click charge - per sheet 
  • Differs depending on colours. 60p per sheets
  • No set up charge
Basic mistakes of sorting out artwork

Things designers get wrong

  • Bleed has to be 3mm around the artwork, including ticks and crop marks.
  • Brochures + booklets need to send as single pages not spreads.
  • Send the cover over separately.
  • Send original formats and pdf files.
  • If spot colours are not need change them to CMYK or overprint.
  • Any perforations, foils, ect. The need to be transferred to separations in a separate file.
  • Consider image size, if an image is too big it slows down the process
  • Try to keep the image size at roughly the size its being used at 
  • 300 dpi resolution for images.
In litho a lot of the work is set out in sections and pagination
16 pages to an SRA2 sheet, try and work in 8's, 16's and 24's to save money.
32 page self cover booklet is cheaper than a 28 page booklet.
Consider the benefit of the stock when it's covered in ink, when your working with clients.
The covers can be expensive and the inside stock can be cheaper,
Working turn: turns the work over to create a double sided work. Working turn is good for front covers.
Sheet turn: two different images on work, more expensive
Perforated edges on work books to let out the air. 
Don't spot varnish or laminate.
Full colour fluorescent ink plus stock, looks nice but is expensive.
Locally sourced stuff such at inks and plates

Artists / Clients
Judge Gill
Made Book
Pete McKee
Manchester City
Lee Goat
Gold Smiths
Camberwell Press
Mixed Special
North Sea
Craig Oldham
Design Republic
A Bunch of Fives
Craven College
Creative Arthur
Drop Dead Clothing

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