Sunday, 10 November 2013


For this brief I have to produce an appropriately designed 'info-pack' of things to know, consider or remember in order to produce successful Design for Print.

My info-pack is targeted at college and university students who are studying creative courses who are specifically interested in design for print.

To start my research I decided to look at primary resources from the library, to see the format, content and design styles they had chosen to use, which is also posted to my practice blog.

The All New Print Production Handbook by David Bann

Production For Print by Mark Gatter

Print & Finish by Ambrose / Harirs

From looking at these books they all had very different ways of displaying there content, I really liked the 'print & finish' book because it experiments with different stocks. I think this is nice interactional feature within the book for the user to touch and feel. I also like the bright colours / format within the book which make it stand out and makes the information look interesting and easy to follow which is something I want to obtain within my book.

I then started to look at secondary resources of other design work that would act as a design influence for my book.

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