Monday, 26 November 2012



'Advertising doesn't sell things; all advertising does is change the way people think or feel' (Jeremy Bullmore). Evaluate this statement with reference to selected critical theories (past and present).


  • Brierley. S, (1995). "The advertising handbook", London, Routledge. 
(The book looks into why companies and organisations advertise; how they research their markets, where they advertise and in which media with knowledge on persuasion and effectiveness techniques.)
  • Fennis, B.M, Stroebe, W. (2010) " The psychology of Advertising" East Sussex, Pyschology Press.
(Advanced research on the psychological process that influences advertising effectiveness.)
  • O' Shaughnessy J., O'Shaughnessy N.J (2004). "Persuasion in advertising", Oxon, Routledge.
(In depth book about the persusion of advertising and the hierachy of effects it has on it's audience. It explores rationality, symbolism, emotion and many more.)
  • Rodgers, S. , Thorson, E. (2012). "Advertising Theory", New York, Routledge.
(The theory of modern advertising with multiple genre's of theory and advertising studying it's effects.)
  • Williamson, J. (2005) "Decoding Advertisments", 2md ed. London, MARION BOYARS PUBLISHERS LTD.
(Identifying the capitalist culture and the ideologies and meanings behind adverts and the messages they are trying to portray.)

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